Acton Pharmacy Honors Employees for Outstanding Service

Honoring Employees

Ted Passarello, center, an Acton Pharmacy sales manager, was recently honored for 30 years of service.Shown are, from left: Saad Dinno, Passarello and Raied Dinno. Acton Pharmacy is owned by Saad and Raied Dinno.

“We’re extremely proud of our employees and would like to honor their commitment to the pharmacies and the many individuals we serve,” said Saad and Raied Dinno, brothers, and co-owners of the three pharmacies. “We thank them for their exemplary service.”

Diane Briner, a pharmacist and pharmacy manager of the West Concord Pharmacy and Ted Passarello, a sales manager for Acton Pharmacy’s surgical and homeopathic divisions, are being honored for 30 years of service.

Acton Pharmacy also honored other employees, including Lynne Hearne, a pharmacist and Boxboro resident, and John Pavlik, store manager for the pharmacy and a Littleton resident.  Both Hearne and Pavlik are being honored for 10 years of service.

Ted Passarello, a Pepperell resident began his career filling retail orders over 30 years ago at Acton Pharmacy.  Passarello helped to spearhead the pharmacy’s surgical division, which sells medical supplies to area schools and businesses.  Passarello also manages homeopathic sales for the pharmacy, which includes those placed by local customers and by mail order. Passarello enjoys the many relationships he has built over the years, as well as being part of a business that always puts the customer first.

“We’re here to help people,” Passarello said. “We treat our customers like family. If they need something right away – I’ll personally bring it to them.”

An Arlington resident, Briner began her career as a pharmacist at West Concord Pharmacy in 1982, and has compassionately cared for generations of families over the years. Briner feels strongly connected to her customers and is grateful for the opportunity to have personal interactions, which help her to clinically assess each individual as a whole person, and ensure that their medication is best suited to their needs.  Briner often fulfills multiple roles, including counseling patients on prescriptions and health issues and coordinating care between healthcare providers to make sure prescriptions are authorized and expedited.  Briner attributes her longevity to her wonderful customers, co-workers, and the Dinno family for continuing the pharmacy’s philosophy of care and concern for each customer.

“I love knowing my patients,” said Briner. “As a pharmacist at an independent pharmacy, my interactions with patients have a direct impact on their health and wellness, and it’s an honor to be an important part of their health care team.”

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